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Chris this is a feature I ask in 2017.
“You are watching”, I include a still to clarify what I mean for example If I am watching XXX: Return of Xander Cage in the android app Cathode it show at the bottom of the screen that I am watching that movie, I can press XXX: Return of Xander Cage and it would give me all the information about the movie, this also works for TV shows. I also include a still from Trakt webpage that also show “You are watching” feature.
Thanks for a great app.

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Hi Rickytin, soory for this inconvenience. When you checkin a episode or movie then you get a notification, which is available until the chekin is finish. This should be the exact feature?

It is not the same thing but thanks for the replay.

I found something in the API which seems what you are looking for:

I create a new task for it, if it is what you want.

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Yessss that is exactly what I want.
Thanks and I hope you and your family are ok with Coronavirus disease.