What is this cloud icon? Next to movie poster. Some have a tickmark to it and some don't

Is suppose to indicate what has been synchronised to the cloud.
I jusy checked mine and none has a tick, which means nothing had been backed up :sob::sob::sob:.
And i click on the synch button every day :triumph:

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My entire movie library has no tick in the cloud icon :confused:

@Priyatam It shows that the item is synced to the server. Already added items might not get the state immediately.

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On 3.4.6 now.
All my movies have the tick after 2nd day.
But series / episodes still all un-tick, how to fix this?

For the same movie, a tick in the History>Movies page does not appear in the Personal List.
How to fix this?

It seems that the HONOR 50 device has an issue loading many items from the Google server.

I will do deeper research if I have time.

Im using Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5g

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At least I don’t see crashes for Samsung anymore. Let me know if all your items have the full cloud icon.

Only for Movies in history page. But not Tv shows or episodes.
It also doesnt sync for movies in Personal List

Could you try to sync your account via Profile → Click account → Synchronize items

I do that all the time… doesnt seem to trigger

Hope you will find time to make the app work to a premium user :no_mouth:

@Rafael7up It seems like there are only crashes with the Honor devices.
I am unsure why the Google services don’t run with your device.

Do you have another device or did you try without login?

So I have to be very lucky. I have only Honor devices, the other one is an Honor 10, I repeat that these smartphones have no problems at all with any of the apps on the Google Store , just Moviebase is giving this issues! I already tried many times to logout and login, nothing changes. Anyway big problems started since 3.4 version, so something in the code or some library update is not working well…

Might be some library upgrade. Complete fresh install might be helpful.

I am working on a CSV file backup.

Ok, I wait the CSV backup feature and after a check on the last saved movie on the server, I may try to do a fresh install and restore the backup. Hope only not to lose my movies collection again like last times.

It will take a few weeks until I can finish the backup.

@Ndrew_Teng Do you have the issue with the new version?

History movies - ok
History tv shows - Not synch
History Episodes - Not synch
Watch list movies - ok
Watch list tv shows - ok
Personal List - Not synch

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