Weird graphic bug on Amazon Fire

Looks like something is up with the sizing on my Amazon Fire HD 10"

Also, really like the new badges displaying not only that you watched, but what you rated: perfect! On my phone these display great, but on my tab they’re pretty small. Might be related to this bug… If not, maybe an option for bigger badges?

My fault, I didn’t set the height for tablets correctly :frowning:

Fix coming soon.

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Got a chance to test out the new version on my tablet: the home screen looks great but I think the sizing of the new badges is still off a little. They’re pretty small, near unreadable… I’ve attached a screenshot.

Really like these new badges by the way… Makes it really easy to see at a glance what hasn’t been rated yet (on my phone at least).

@Jeremiah_Parranto Thanks for the screen. I didn’t optimize the tablet size for badges. Seems that I have to investigate more time for tablet screen layouts :wink: Changes will come in the next update :slight_smile:

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