"We don't receive valid data" error

Using v2.2.5 on device Oneplus 7 android 10
I have tried clearing data and cache, signing out and reinstalling app.

The hint on reddit doesn´t help?
…and welcome to the moviebase forum :slight_smile:

Nope. Also app works on mobile data but i get this errror on wifi.

Seems to is being blocked when using wifi. Try using any free vpn when on wifi to confirm the issue

Yes it works with a vpn. But it used to work on my wifi network. There is something i can do to rectify it?

So sorry to inform but I think your ISP may have blocked websites that are needed for moviebase to function properly. It is very annoying as it seems. The most you can do is make a request to them to unblock trakt/tvdb/IMDb and other relevant websites. Your ISP must have mistaken trakt with piracy.

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As @KapilTapsi already mentioned, it seems that the internet service provider may have blocked the websites / API data.

Is the website https://www.themoviedb.org working for you?

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Nope its not working.

Then the ISP has blocked the website and content :confused:

Maybe the support team of TMDb could help you to fix this issue.