Watchlist button, friends and more stats

1. Watchlist button - I would like to have a watchlist button in the bottom bar of app instead of going to account and then to watchlist. Watchlist is one of the main functions.

2. Friends - It would be nice to add friends and see their profiles, what they watch, how long and see their personal lists.

3. More statistics - I love stats and I would like to get more of them like time left to watch shows, movies in progress tab, time left to watch shows in watchlist tab, top shows in last month, last year (based on total time watched), number of episodes, movies watched in last week, month and even every week of the year, how many ratings we gave.

This is the most perfect TV tracking app for me right now and it would be even more better with these features.

Thank you.


Hi, Thanks for your feature requests, there are all good!

  • The watchlist button is a good idea.
  • Friends will come when I have developed the login.
  • The statistics is already on my ToDo list :wink:

You can check out the current tasks here.

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Watchlist button is available in the next version

@chris I’ve noticed in current beta version that appearance of new watchlist button it is not the same than watchlist category. They are different elements I think it should be the same (the one with view and sort buttons on top) .

I don’t know how difficult would be personalize buttons in the bottom bar and have the possibility to hide or show them to our preferences. What do you think?

It’s too much personalization, which is not worth doing. The tab bar is like expected, it should not reflect the same like in account.

I understand about personalized bottom bar it is not worth it but why do you not considered to merge both views? Now there are two watchlist tabs with slightly different options in different pages.

What do you think about you click in watchlist account it redirects to the same tab than bottom button?

The screens are different one. Adding the watchlist was only an easy solution for getting the content there. I don’t have time to change everything at the moment.

Stats, stats and more stats. I would also like a comment section, so I can go to one place and see the comments I wrote.