Watch Providers - they open to website instead of installed app

When clicking either TMDB, Just Watch, or Reelgood, it opens their respective websites using Moviebase’s built in browser even though I have these apps installed. Ideally clicking either of those will open the app itself.

Device: Samsung galaxy z flip 4 (but problem existed on other android phones and app versions too)
Moviebase App version: 3.6.6

This might be because of your settings itself, I had a similar issue with youtube a couple weeks ago. Turns out you just need to go to settings > apps > “the app” > set as default > supported web adresses > activate all options.

This should fix it, if not, then it is a Moviebase problem and I can’t help any further. Happy new year!

Thanks for the reply, that is what I’ve tried as well but that doesn’t work either. In some apps, like the google app on android, they have a setting where you can open links in external apps, I’m thinking moviebase needs to add that option for it to work properly.

We don’t have deep direct links to the JustWatch app. We only open the browser, which might open the app if activated.

For TMDB, we using the browser because TMDB is already Moviebase the app :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation Chris