V4.5.0 crashes on start

Hi @chris, the latest 4.5.0 beta version is not starting at all on my Honor 50 with Android 13 (MagicOS 7.1), it shows up only the Moviebase logo for a second and then crashes. I don’t have more info, no error messages are shown.

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Same here on a note20

Same here Galaxy Note 9, Android 10.

Same here on Samsung S23 Ultra (Android 13).
Clearing the cache does not help. No error message.

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Same here Motorola G8 Power

Same here on Z Fold 5

Fix is coming, sorry!

I added more database fields for the upcoming statistics and filtering in lists, that had a wrong migration.


After update everything is fine again. Super fast problem resolution. Thank you.
Pair of info about Premium Plus?


Good to hear & sorry for the issue!

I switched to a subscription-only model to develop more bigger and awesome features.

The old one-time payment is still active and and be used with the prior premium features :slight_smile: