V3.2.6 keeps freezing and crashing

Since the latest update to the version 3.2.6, the app is now really unstable, almost unusable… it keeps freeze and even crash after few seconds of normal navigation, especially on the progress page and where the app has to load list of elements.

My os is android 10 running on an Honor 20 with Magic UI 4.0.0

I’m very afraid of reinstalling the app, because last time (about 2 mounths) I lost almost 100 movies and some tv shows episodes, since the sync is not properly working, I already opened another topic about this problem.

Thanks for your feedback. We updated some of our libraries, which might freeze and crash the sync.

Unfortunately, the bug happens because of some Google Firebase internal code.

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Thanks, the version 3.2.7 is not crashing or freezing anymore :+1: