V2.0.5 Problem and Feedback

Having updated to the new version, upon opening, the icons on the posters (cover art) is not showing. You need to open up the section where they are not showing (History) for them to appear, you can go back and they are showing but as soon as you exit the app and re-open, you must do the above again.

I’m do not like the new layout/options, will previous versions still work if I uninstalled latest version and installed a previous release?

Thanks for your feedback. I will fix this as soon as possible.

What do you don’t like with the new layout/options?

“One piece” isn’t showing in calendar. FYI it is scheduled to be released after 1 day and after 8 days. I switched to movie base premium today.
Previous app i used is showing it correctly and i double checked on trakt website. Please help. I have attached screenshot of app. Feel free to contact at kapiltapsi@gmail.com

this is my previous app. It shows all. I even allowed"show waiting and ended tv shows" in movie base

Moviebase pulls data from TMDB, it looks like TMDB hasnt been updated as yet.

But the problem is not only for one show, it is for many. As you can see in screenshot. Doctor who, homeland, one piece, boruto. Etc

TMDB and tVDB both have next episode on their website

Hmmm! Not sure what is happening. I added the show and set all the episodes as watched (not unaired) and my app shows as Waiting for Release, despite the next episode airing tomorrow.

Trakt website shows data correctly. It is a shame that Moviebase doesnt pull data from Trakt. Trakt pulls data from multiple sources and in my view, is more accurate.

It looks like I have shows not showing in the Calender section also.

Absolutely, trakt has more accurate data. The developer should give option to change source. I purchased premium today, and now i feel it was bad decision. I have same issue with one piece and some other series

Once these few issues are fixed, I think you’ll love the app. The developer is very good at fixing any issues. I’ve had a few issues in the past and @chris sorts them out promptly.

I have mentioned to him about using the Trakt website (api) but I think this would mean a complete overhaul of the app and would take a while to implement.

I’m not keen on the new update, the previous version got the balance just right. I think the app should have remained as it was but that’s just my opinion.

I’m sure @chris will look in to the issues and I’m confident he will address them.

Dont give up on the app just yet :sunglasses:

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I think I just need to get use to the new options and where they are located. However, the (+) in my opinion should ‘add to watchlist’. I think the majority will think this is the case until they click it.

I’ve already forgot how the previous versions worked :thinking:

The + is for watched icon. It is the most used action in the app. The watchlist icon is in the bottom menu as well (version 2.1.3)

I cant remember how it was before, I think my age is getting the better of me.

As I said previously, I’m getting use to the new layout. I automatically used the (+) after searching for a title and thought the (+) meant ‘add to watchlist’. As with any change, it takes users a few times to get use to it. Some say change is good :+1:

If I’m honest it’s just me being use to the old way of doing things but you are the developer and have all the info.

Thanks again, app still better than others for sure.

It confuses me as well. As a long trakt and trakt based apps user, I believe + sign is for adding to watchlist and ✓ sign is for making series watched.
And I think they should be like it.
It is only a suggestion, it is upto other users and our great developer. :grin:

You explained it so much better than me :+1: