[V 2.1.4] Improvements, bugs, features

First of all, great job with the new behaviour of “mark as seen” button. It’s great!!

Now I want to expose some ideas about new features/bugs which I think could be fixed. Some of them are based in my personal tastes, so probably have no sense to you, any way I want to talk a little bit about them.


  • When a wrong episode is added in TVDB, even if that episode has been removed from TVDB, it still appears in progress tab and I can’t remove it.(I have a 12x25 “Big Bang Theory” since 2 weeks ago and I can’t delete it)

  • Update languages titles. I have application in English and region in Spain, in list views titles are in Spanish, in the rest of the app they are correctly in English.

  • “Add to calendar” only add first episode from season&show views.

  • In Calendar view, when I click in an episode, it redirects to show view instead of that current episode.


  • In Home Page, ratings category has missed season tab. There is only movies, shows and episodes.

  • In seasons view, click on rating does not show any dialog. In episodes view it is missed IMDB and MovieBase. It should be great both of them had same options than Shows view.

  • Redundant button “Mark all as watched” and “Watched” With new behaviour I think it is not necessary both options. (“All seen” / “None seen” in progress view I think are also redundant, should be merged in only one option )

  • Order buttons in bottom bar (This maybe is because my “OCD” xD). It is possible to keep order in Menu button?

  • Add history support for season and add collection support for seasons and episodes. Thus movies, shows, seasons and episodes would have same options and features.

I hope some of this tips have sense for you and you can add to your backlog.
Congrats for the app and for the support with users.

I’ve seen a bug related with new feature of “mark as seen” behaviour. I’m trying to explain:

Episode Seen Date
episode 1 Release Date -> 01-01-2020 15:00
episode 2 Release Date -> 01-02-2020 15:00
episode 3 Release Date -> 01-03-2020 15:00
episode 4 Not seen
episode 5 Not Seen

If I try to mark those remaining 2 episodes as seen, there is a bug which changes all episodes seen date to “now”

Episode Seen Date
episode 1 03-09-2020 12:16
episode 2 03-09-2020 12:16
episode 3 03-09-2020 12:16
episode 4 03-09-2020 12:16
episode 5 03-09-2020 12:16

Could you check it out?

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Thanks for the example. Where do you use the mark as sceen action?
Maybe it will add all episodes again. I will check it when I am in the office.

there is no rush. :wink:

It happens in any show.
In the show “New Pope”, I had seen all episodes except last two which I’ve seen in a row.

When I wanted to mark as seen those 2 episodes in show view, I tried to use new feature.
From Season 1 view I touched in floating button. Pop up appeared asking what I want to do, I marked Watch remaining 7/9 episodes, and then Right now (or Release Date, it happens the same) and after that all episodes even those I’ve already seen were marked as seen with current date.

It seem there is a bug in Mark all as seen button when there is some episodes that has been viewed.

I think it will iterarte over all episodes and mark them as watched. The app has to check already added episodes and use them instead.


BTW, check my first comment. Maybe you find something interesting to implement.