Upcoming schedule is reversed

The “Upcoming Schedule” section of the home page is reversed, showing the latest item first and the most recent item last.

Example the first item on my list is set to air in 18 weeks while the last on the list (before shows that are “waiting”) is set to air in 1 day.

I’m on the 4.0.6 beta.

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Thanks. I will have a look.

Do you have the issue for all episodes? For me it looks like this

I also had this problem, but I believe it’s related to “Profile” - “Settings” - “Calendar” - “Show waiting and ended TV shows” option.

After toggling it off, and relaunching the app, the upcoming schedule is back to normal.

Hope it helps :pray:t2:

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What Steve suggested seems to work, though I would prefer to be able to keep that setting on.

For me it looks like this with that setting turned on.