Upcoming Listing on TV Shows Page Is Wrong Most of the Time

The Upcoming listing on the TV Shows page almost always has the wrong information about when the episodes will be aired.

The Upcoming Listing on the Home Page is correct. So the program has the correct information, but it does not properly maintain that information on the TV Shows page.

My examples below show the discrepancies in the two listings. The information from the Home Page section is correct, but the information from the TV Shows page is wrong.

This happens consistently all the time. The only way I have found to get the TV Shows page information updated to proper values is the force close the Moviebase App in settings.Then the information will be updated to the correct values. However, it will start being wrong again very shortly thereafter. This is a long standing problem. It doesn’t seem the fix should be very difficult, since the correct information is being displayed in another part of the app.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seemed to be getting much response to our submissions recently.

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Thanks for the example.

Do you have the issue when you try to refresh your progress (add item, swipe down on the list)?

I am working on a new version and I am aware of this issue. However, I haven’t had enough time this year.

Hi Chris,

Refreshing the Progress list does not fix it, no matter how many times I do it. The only way I have found to make the app refresh the Upcoming list on the TV Shows screen is to “Force Stop” the app in settings and restart it. Before long though, the information there is incorrect again. If the app simply used the same upcoming information that is being displayed on the Home page, then it would be correct.