Up next to watch for hidden seasons

I’ve a good few shows that I didn’t watch from the first season, sports, chat shows, etc

I’ve marked these seasons as hidden on Trakt so they don’t show up in my progress list there.

Would it be possible to ignore episodes from hidden seasons for up next to watch, so they don’t appear in the progress screen within the app?

Also, a filter on for the shows screen to hide hidden seasons (and also specials) would be a nice to have.

Thanks :slight_smile:



hidden seasons is a bit of effort with a small benefit for the most user :pensive: An implementation is not on my list yet.

Just to chime in that I would really value this feature too.



For example:
I’ve watched the first 3 episodes of Elementary and marked as watch. But I will never finished the tv show.
It would be very cool and helpful if the app can ignore / hide the next comming episodes.

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Would it be possible to implement a work around for this?

I’ve noticed that most of the shows where I have hidden seasons, are shows where I started watching later in their life time. So after I watch the latest episode, it always remains in my progress lift showing season 1 episode 1 as up next to watch.

A work around could be to hide shows from In Progress where up next is 1x01. What you think?

Any chance to get this added to the Trello board? I’m having to hide shows in the app where I have hidden seasons to not have them in the progress list, but this is not a great workaround as I’ve missed when new episodes are released.