Unstable & Crash 3.4.1

Overall 3.4.1 is very unstable.
Crashs after a few screen toggle.
So far have experience crash at Movie About page, scrolling down cast list, scrolling down movie watch list.

Search screen hangs after entering 2 letters.

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I released version 3.4.2. It seems that some devices aren’t working properly.

Hi Chris, I just tried the new beta 3.4.3, it is totally unusable, lags and crashes every second on my device… and the search bar now gives always the same results, it stucks on the first thing you search and every new search doesn’t update the results until app restart :confused:

Super weird, I don’t have many users and it’s only one specific device (tested a few devices).

Do you have the same issue when you are logged out?

Yes, same issue even with account logged out

Did you try a Huawei/Honor phone?

I always send the feedback everytime the app crash, but I hope that you are receiving it, because I had a look at the preview of it and there is wrote everything about the issue, important Infos for you to fix it

Tell me if you need other specific parts of it to fix the bug

Im testing 3.4.3 now on Galaxy Note20 5g.
Same issue and crash very often.
Let me know what info you need to fix this

Thanks. Even with a complete fresh app installation?

I am just checking what I can improve or revert.

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How many items do you have in the lists (watched, watchlist)? What is the biggest size?
The app might be too busy with all the queries.

1700 watched
800 watch list

1955 watched
53 watch list

TV Series
90 watched
6 watch list

I cannot reinstall the app, it would surely delete me months of watched movies or TV series episodes… It happen everytime I changed phone. The restore process is not 100% safe.

Wish i saw this msg earlier.
I just uninstall and record is only synch to Mar 2021.
Thats 15 mths of activities lost :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Anyway to restore back my records?

This is horrible

I am sorry about that. There are only two devices, which have memory issues in the Beta (3000 devices in total).
Honor HONOR 50 and Galaxy Note20 5G.

Do you have any battery saving or limitations enabled? Or maybe the Google Play Services disabled?

Google Play Services is enabled

Moviebase is the only app without battery saving policy

Hi Chris, have you found any solution?

I still can’t use your app and setting it out of the battery optimization is causing battery drain, because it stays on in background all the time and my phone is asking me to close it everysecond, it happens only with Moviebase app

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