Unaired shows in progress

Really like the new widgets, nice job :slight_smile:

I still see some shows (like Fargo) that have episodes with no release date yet showing in Progress. Would it be possible to filter these out?

Also, would it be possible to have the option to hide Waiting for Release from the home screen and calendar tab? Like how it is hidden in the calendar widget.

Thank you dec.

Could you remark the episodes of Fargo. I added a check for not available release dates.

I will add an option into the settings for the next releases.

Great job with widgets and shortcuts.

But I don’t understand what to do with Fargo. I don’t see any new setting to hide that kind of situation (unaired episodes).

When you talk about check for not available release date what do you mean? I think users shouldn’t do anything in this situation and simply do not show this episodes in progress tab.

I am just checking and fixing it :wink:

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Morning. I am also having the same problem with ‘Warrior’ so I look forward to the fix and update. Thanks Again. David

Yeah, I moved the “next airing episodes” to next open episode for each progress item, which has the effect that the calendar doesn’t show airing today.

I will fix it with the next version.

Thank you. Regards David