Unable to connect to trakt

I’ve tried in 2 different phones, and i cant connect moviebase and trakt. I’ve tried to delete the APP and re-install then log out trakt then try to connect via moviebase and log in again and i always get the “moviebase cannot connect to the service”

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Same here. the cloud icon didn’t mark the sync on the contents. i then tried clearing cache and data to be able to re-login to trakt but it won’t connect to the servers.


We have some trakt authentication issue, which should be fixed soon.

thanks, with the latest update I can confirm that it has started working again, however there is a problem on the widget on the homepage (for example the one relating to the history of viewed contents) For example, when switching from movies to TV series, the displayed contents do not change. Thanks anyway for the hard work, the trakt fix was the thing that was most needed for the moment :slight_smile:

Thanks. Do you mean the History/Watchlist section on the home page?
So when you click on a tab like movies/shows, it won’t update the list immediately?

exactly, The list with the selected Tab does not update with the display of the chosen content. I can only see its content if I access the widget.

Maybe it’s more understandable through the screenshots