TV Shows Page Always Goes to Watchlist

In Moviebase 4.5.1 beta, every time I go to the TV Shows page, the app positions to the TV Shows Watchlist Column. This is a change in behavior and not a good one. In the past, it positioned to the TV Show Progress column and that is what I want. This behavior is annoying. Please make it position to the Progress column.

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In my case the default column is the first one, so the progress page. Is it not so for you? Instead on movies, the default column is Upcoming and I think it shold be better the first one also here, so Up Next.

Yes, my initial page setting is also for the Progress screen, but when it goes there, it always positions to the Watchlist column. Also, any time I return from the Home Screen to the TV Shows screen, it positions to the Watchlist column, even if I had previously been on the Progress column when I left that screen.

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Thanks. Will be fixed in the upcoming version.

This is fixed in 4.5.2 beta.

Thank you