TV Show Progress Screen Sometimes LIsts Wrong Episode as Next to Watch

The TV Show Progress screen sometimes lists the wrong episode as the next unwatched episode to view. This problem has been present a long time. It only happens occasionally, but I have not found a pattern or anything special about the shows that sometimes fail this way. Everything else looks fine. The episode dates are in the proper order, etc.

Below are screen shots showing one example. The show “FBI: Most Wanted” shows season 4 episode 6 as the next episode to be viewed. However, if we look at the season listing for the show, neither episode 4 nor episode 5 of season 4 is marked as watched. Episode 4 should be shown as next up on the Progress screen.

This is a somewhat annoying problem, as it can lead to watching shows out of order or even deleting episode recordings that haven’t been watched. It would be nice to finally get this fixed.

Thanks for the report. I will check the issue.

At the moment, I am working on a bigger database migration.

I just want to report that on Beta 4.1.1, this issue still exists. In the example below, the next episode clearly should be #3, but the Progress screen lists it as #4.

Thanks for inform me!