Trakt & TMDb Query

Re: Trakt Intergration

If I have a title on my Trakt Watchlist but this title is NOT listed on TMDb - is it correct to say that this title will NOT appear within the Moviebase Application?

It seems odd that the app syncs with my Trakt Account/Watchlist but as the item isn’t on TMDb, then it will not be shown, as if the item is not in my watchlist, when it is.

This is another reason, along with many others I’ve previously mentioned that the app would work better if it supported the full Trakt API and not use/include TMDb, very annoying when small issues like this appear :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The company behind TVDB is not supporting so much other apps, because they have their app (competitor). Also the API quality (information, language, images etc.) is better on TMDb.
Trakt and other developers advice me to stay with TMDB even if there are conflicts. A change would costs many months full time development, which is not worth at the moment.

I am working on an own sever with an account login. So there will coming a Moviebase <-> Server <-> Trakt solution, but this will also not be 1:1 to the content.