Trakt sync very imperfect

Just so you’re aware, the trakt syncing is way off. This apps is telling me many shows I have watched to completion are not done and that many I’ve watched more than 1 season, I’ve only seen season 1. I was going to manually change them all but that got tiring quick. I included a photo best I could since I could only upload 1

I’m having issues with syncing my watchlist items;

I have a couple of TV Shows not showing in moviebase but they are showing within Kodi》TV Shows》Watchlist and they also show in Trakt via my online account, anyone else having these type of issues?

The two programmes are;

Behind Closed Doors: The Talwars
I Love You, Now Die

I’ve just managed to get the ‘I Love You, Now Die’ to show by adding it to my watchlist via Moviebase, so that one is resolved. However, I tried this again with the first title and although it shows up, there are no sources within Kodi. So although it is the same in name only, it isnt within Kodi/Redux. The correct one simply does not show in Moviebase.