Trakt Sync not working on Ethernet connection

I installed a container-based android image WayDroid on Linux (It’s basically a x86 ROM working on the system using the same linux kernel.

The connection to the (android) device is always displayed as Ethernet (top right the arrows logo) even if the host is on wifi or whatever, android doesn’t have laptop wifi cards drivers.

Trakt sync works fine on my phone on the same router so it’s not my internet. And Moviebase itself has connection and can get comments etc… I think it somehow a problem between sync and ethernet connection?

Maybe I’m wrong, I can give whatever logs I can provide if you need specific things. (I have no experience in android logging apps/methods)

Video: Kooha-10-29-2021-10-43-00
all the visual glitches are from the recording app, not moviebase.

After some time of clicking “Refresh” button, the error text below appears: