Trakt servers are back online. But unable to synchronise from the app

App asks me to relogin. But if I logout the last couple of days items that I have marked watched/ added to a list gets deleted. What should I do?

I know this is trakts fault, but Is there a workaround.

Please let me know where in the app I can find this sync option.
When I go to settings, I see Synchronize option towards the bottom there and then inside there is one toggle against ‘Synchronize data’ and sync interval.

On homepage click on your profile pic on top left corner and there’s a synchronization option.

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Got it, thanks! As per the message shown in your screenshot at the bottom, I signed out and signed back in, that failure message no more coming upon sync.
Seems the episodes and movies that I have marked as watched in the app is now registering in the Trakt site.

I am unsure if I can fix the items. Normally we send all data to trakt directly, which can be recovered on the trakt website Track. Discover. Share. - Trakt.

I didn’t test if a login/relogin represents all data, normally it should.