Trailers don't work without youtube app

I use Lineageos without Google apps. Therefore I don’t have the original Youtube app. Instead I use NewPipe as an alternative. Moviebase opens the trailer only with the youtube app. As error message comes: “Not supported URL” (translated German).
It would also be useful if I could open the trailers directly with Kodi. NewPipe can do this and uses the official Kore app to play youtube videos via a Kodi player. It would be nice if Moviebase could this natively without another app. But this could be a bit more extensive. It would be quite enough if Moviebase worked together with Kore or best with Yatse (alternative to Kore, only better).

Hi worldtest,

I haven’t spend time for Kodi. There a few more important features before I will investigate more time in this topic.

The app tries to ope YouTube app with the link “”. If the app is not available then the app tries to open the browser with “”.

That’s weird. NewPipe should open such a link without problems (and it does in all apps). Moviebase also doesn’t give me the option to open the link with my browser. I just get the error message and nothing happens. In all apps I can open such a link, only Moviebase seems to have a problem. My phone is running Android Pie.

Oh, to the Kodi integration: it would clarify itself with the error correction, since both Yatse and Kore accept youtube links!

Thanks for the video recording!

The text and toast are not from the app. This message comes from another app which handles the URL. I think the URL is consumed by NewPipe…

Now that you say it, it makes sense. After I changed the language of Moviebase, this error message remained German. Now I uninstalled NewPipe and now Android offers me to open the Youtube link for example with my browser.
Then it’s probably because Newpipe can’t handle “” but still offers itself as an app that can handle it. Why do you use the first option if the normal link does and works fine (I don’t have any problems with other apps)? Thus you also deny the possibility to open the link with something else than the original Youtube app if it is installed. Or is there an advantage that I can’t see?

The vdn URL is the official way and offers a better integration such as redirection back to the app.

Newpipe has declared the vdn as supported URL in their app, otherwise it won’t consume the link and open youtube/browser.

Would it then be possible to provide an option in the settings which does not open the Youtube links with vdn? Until NewPipe solves the problem. This option would be very useful anyway. Both Kore and Yatse can’t do anything with vdn, but they can with the normal link. So if you have installed the official Youtube app, you can’t use Kore/Yatse to play on Kodi without detours.

Edit: Otherwise long press would also be a good idea!

I added it to my ToDo list :slight_smile: