Timezones issue

I’ve noticed an issue with push notifications arriving 24 hours early for certain shows depending on timezone. Under the guide tab, the air date shows the correct date and time adjusted for my timezone. But up next to watch shows the local date of the episode.

For example, I’m living in Germany and Mr. Robot shows air date 28 October, 3am. This is correct based on where I live. But the up next to watch shows October 27, which is not adjusted for timezone.

This might also be causing some of the issues for calendar and in progress updating correctly.

I also have same problem with Timezones.

By example: MR Robot which is aired on October 28 at 03:00 AM according to Trakt ( timezone Madrid). According with moviebase it is aired on 27 October. The same example it is valid for The walking dead and Silicon Valley.

Settings for “media content” are: Region: Spain, content language: English, application language: English.

Could you check this problem?

Push notifications are looking good in the latest release. Dates in the calendar tab are showing according to my timezone. However the view is not updating to remove an episode .

The In Progress is not showing the timezone adjusted date. So this is causing the same episode to appear in both tabs. Also, the date of the episode of the episode for Next Episode and Up next to watch under the Guide tab is also not adjusted for timezone.

There is also an issue with the height of the RecyclerView items under the season tab.

Thanks for the feedback. Good that the calendar and notifications are working :slight_smile:

Do you mean the next airing episode in the progress list item?

The season and guide tab will be refreshed soon. I will take care of the release dates.

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Yeah, the episode is appearing early in the In Progress tab.


I just checked the season tab, I couldn’t find a layout issue here. Maybe the upgraded ConstraintLayout has an impact on some devices.

This is how it looks on Gen. 1 Pixel

Thanks for the fix. This week the problem solved and seems that Timezones are managing well :+1:

Latest update is looking good :slightly_smiling_face:

For some reason, Family Guy is missing from my in progress list. Everything under the season and guide tabs is good and it shows the right episodes there. Refreshing or doing a fresh sync doesn’t help. All other shows are working.

Ah, If I turn on the complete filter, it shows as 100% completed. Which is not the case. I have watched the family guy movie which is under specials. Maybe this is taken into account as part of total episodes watched and causing the total to be 1 off.

Yip, 333 episodes aired. I’ve watched 332 + 1 special.

Good to know that the airing time is working.

You didn’t watched the lastest episode of family guy? I will try to reproduce it on my device.

Yeah, I hadn’t watched the latest. But progress was showing as 100%

Episodes are showing a day early in In Progress. I see tomorrow’s episodes ín both In Progress and Calendar.

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Also have the same problem with the Goldberg’s as with Family guy. It shows as 100%, but 1 episode is not watched. The Aired episodes total under the Guide tab is 1 off.

Same for me. Previous week seems that error was solve, but this week it happens again.

In Progress view there are tomorrow’s episodes (The walking dead, Rick and Morty, Mr Robot…) in calendar view dates are OK, it says 1 day (according to my TZ)