Theme Color Changing in Landscape Mode

Here’s a strange one:

I am running version 3.2.7

I normally use Night Black as my theme. If I am on the Progress screen and I rotate my phone from portrait to landscape orientation, the theme switches to Dark Blue. It remains that way, even on other screens and in both orientations, until I exit the program and return. The settings still say the theme is set to Night Black. I can also switch it back by changing the theme from Night Black to something else and then back to Night Black. This doesn’t happen if I do the initial rotation while on the home screen.

A similar thing happens if I start with the theme set to Pearl White, except then it changes the theme to Night Black.

If I start with the theme set to Dark Blue, no change happens when I rotate the phone.

The behavior is consistent. It does it every time.


Thanks for mentioning it. I have found the issue and will be fixed in the new version.

Thanks Chris for the very quick response.

Confirming this issue is fixed in version 3.2.9.