The statistics section is very weak and provides little information. Suggestions

The statistics section is very weak and provides little information.

  • 1- We watched how many of the players in the TV Show and Movies. Example: Slvester Stallone 32 film, Brad Bitt 4 film. And how many points in these actors’ movies gave an average.

  • 2 - The same situation is required for the director and producer statistics. Example Steven Spielberg 19 film, Christopher Nolan 11 film. And how many points in these directors’ films.

  • 3 - Watched movies according to the original language: Example, 230 films in English, 85 films in French, 23 movies in Spanish. And how many points in these languages’ films.

  • 4 - What is watched are Netflix original, how many are TV movies, and how many are cinema. And in these cases he gave an average of several points in his films.

  • 5 - Most watched genres: Sample comedy 48 films viewed an average of 6.8 points. horror 34 movies were followed with an average of 6.9 points.

  • 6 - Most of the productions according to which year. Sample; In 2004, 91 films were viewed and an average of 6.9 points. In 1998, 54 films were viewed and averaged 7.3 points.

  • 7 - trakt, IMDB, reddit watched how many movies in the best 250 film episodes. Or it can be shown as a percentage in 250 films.

Because some applications show this without premium.

Maybe not all. But in Moviebase there is only time, genres and score averages and this is very little.

I wish you continued success, Krueger, with respect.

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Hi Vural,

Thanks for the good examples. It helps me to find new statistics :slight_smile:

I keep an eye on this post when I will improve the statistics.

For example:

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Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to collect so many data between actor and TV shows locally :pensive:

Other TV Show and film applications do this easily. Because even this version is very simple so does not give enough information. This shows some applications even without premiers.

Then you must provide more expandable statistics.

Maybe they have another architecture and data source for movies.

At the moment it’s too much work.