The Home Page Streaming Category Lists Both Prime Video and Amazon Video Tabs

In beta 4.2.2, on the Home Page Streaming Category, both “Prime Video” and “Amazon Video” tabs are listed. I think they are the same thing under two different names. I suggest only “Prime Video” should be listed. I know some items are included under a Prime Video subscription, and some have to be rented, but it’s still the same service.

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Both providers are handled separately by TMDB / JustWatch.
But it might be better to reduce the number here.

Thanks for getting back, Chris. Yes, I think the Amazon Video entry should be removed. Prime Video is a subscription streaming service, like many others. There is no subscription or free video streaming service called Amazon Video. Prime video has many included offerings, but one can still buy individual items not included in Prime Video. All of the same content is listed under Prime Video and Amazon Video, but if one doesn’t subscribe to Prime Video, then all the content has to be purchased individually. I don’t think that qualifies as a streaming service. Amazon Video is just a category of items for sale on Amazon. Freevee, on the other hand, is a free streaming service from Amazon. It would make more sense to include that.

Beta 4.2.4 addresses this perfectly. Thanks very much!

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