Thanks for the Upgrade

Hi Chris,

I upgraded to version 3.0.6 this morning. I want to thank you for your improvements to the Upcoming section on the Progress screen. The number of days display is now correct and the Waiting and Ended portions are sorted alphabetically. Thank you for that.

I know Trello shows that you plan to change the sort for English to ignore “A” and “The” at the beginning of titles. That will be a big help also. This change should also include the word “An” at the beginning of titles. I don’t know if you plan to add an option, but there might be some people who want the option to include those words in the sort. I wouldn’t need that, but flexibility on something like that might help some.

The Waiting portion of the Upcoming line on the Home Screen still isn’t sorted. Perhaps you could also make that change some time.

Thanks for all your great work.