Synchronization Issues (watchlist screen)

I’ve been having some sync issues the pass week even after updating to the recent 3.0.7 beta.

Under Profile > Trakt > Synchronization, all items are successfully synced which is good.

However, on the Watchlist screen, for both Movies and TV Shows, it keeps showing the spinning sync status, see attached. I even tried force closing the app, reopening it and once I go back to this screen it still the same. I also signed out of traktv on the app and signed back in, still shows it.

2021-07-31 13_52_54

It’s not a big deal but I’m worried if it keeps trying to sync this continuously it will drain battery. Thanks!

Thanks for your report!

Sorry, there was an API library upgrade issue. It is fixed in the newest Beta version.

Great, the fix seems to be working. I’ll monitor it the next couple days.

Is it possible to include a section showing the sync logs that way we can see more details like which movie or show is causing the sync issues and resolve it manually? So for example we can click on that sync status bubble, see which 14 movies that’s trying to sync and maybe go in and remove it and readd it.