Synchronisation not working for

Starting a new thread on this.

Synchronisation is not working on

  1. tv shows
  2. episodes
  3. personal list (movies & tv shows)

Please stop creating new threads. It doesn’t help me to go trough the same thread content again.

Do you still have the issue with the version 3.5.2?

Same still not synchronising

Do you have lags or crashes?

So far so good no lag or crash

This last version 3.5.2 combined with Android 12 upgrade made a miracle on my Honor 50, It fixed crashes, lags, sync problems and even research function, great job!

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Nice Rafael.
Does your tv shows, episodes, or personal list synch too?

Mine doesnt synch for those. Only the main Movies and Watch List synchs

All my items now have the white cloud, do you have Android 12 on your phone?

Yup android 12, moviebase 3.5.2, Galaxy Note 20 5g

If you go into the profile and click ‘Sync items’ or go into the list and swipe down then it should do a ‘bigger’ transfer to the server.

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All good now… after so many manual push to synch.
Tv shows, episodes and most of my personal list are now synchronised

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