Switch from Trakt Moviebase Sign In to Direct Moviebase Sign In

To Chris or anyone else who has done this successfully. I have always signed in to Moviebase through Trakt, as that was the recommendation when I first installed the app. Could someone document a safe procedure for switching from Trakt sign in to direct Moviebase sign in (or whatever the correct description is). I admit that I have been afraid to try it. I do not want to lose any of my information or my status as a lifetime member, etc. I find signing in through Trakt to be a kludge. I would still like my information, to be posted to my Trakt account, but I do not really want Trakt differences from TMDb to affect my Moviebase information. TMDb should take precedence. If this is already documented somewhere, I apologize in advance. If this cannot be done completely safely, I do not want to do it.

Thanks very much.