Suggestions for widget and notification

. airtime of a tv show in hh:mm on main page of tv show also on episode page next the date

. widget

  • under title text not clear because card in black and text in grey i guess the white color is the right one
  • increase font size just a little bit may be like 0.5
  • a little bigger poster
  • show the streaming service next episode as badge.
  • showing tomorrow instead of 1 day and today instead of now and under it the airtime hh:mm
  • add header to card colored in dark and for card title replace calendar with upcoming
  • in progress card if empty show No more episodes to watch instead of No results found
  • theme : shadow dark and night black to be added

. adding stream service crunchyroll

. notification customization

  • notify before 10 min or 1 hour
  • in notification card show a backdrop image of this episode under info
  • display the streaming service or channel next s01e01 as badge
  • a square and bigger poster the better
  • check in from notification

i love what u have done with the app amazing work keep it up :black_heart:

Hi, thanks for your feature requests. I will add them to my ToDo task list.

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