Suggested Improvements to the Widget Display

Please consider the following enhancements to the Moviebase widget display:

  • Provide an option for a black background for more contrast and improved readability.

  • Provide an option for all text to be white for easier readability. The current darker text is hard to read on a dark background.

  • On the Calendar display, include the time when and the network where the episode will be aired.

  • Provide an option to show all upcoming episodes to be aired for a series instead of just the next one. They should still be listed in order of date aired and not grouped by series, unless you would like to offer that as an option also.

  • Optionally or always show the actual date an episode is to be aired and not just the amount of time until it will be aired. Both are useful.

All of these options are available from other competing application widgets, but it would be nice to have them all in the Moviebase widget.

Thank you

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