Subscription Issue

Dear Team,

Hope you are doing well.

Few days back I’ve received an notification says my subscription got expired. And showing advertisements in my app.

I’ve purchased moviebase lifetime premium on July 7, 2020 via Google Play Store from my mail id -

I’ve mailed with Google payment proof.

Currently I’m using version 3.0.8 which is downloaded via Play Store. Kindly do the needful asap.

Thanks for your report. I will check what’s wrong.

Which Android version do you have?

Android 11

I believe you’ve not updated the version in playstore for India (My other mobile(Redmi note 10 pro Max Indian Variant runs on android 11 MIUI, still it’s showing as 2.8.1 which is updated on 9 Apr 2021 as mentioned in the other post,

I’ve manage to get 3.0.8, May be issue occurs due to that… Help me on this, I can’t use few features and see advertisement while having lifetime premium of the application.

When you go to the purchase page. Does it show a message that you have bought the version?

No it’s not display anything like that.

Google Play Store:

MovieBase App:

Thanks for the screens.
Do you have two Google accounts on your smartphone?
And what happens when you click on the premium purchase? I could give you a free voucher which would activate the purchase again.

In the Google Play Store it looks fine with your email.

It’s working now. Thank you so much.

Yes, I’ve two accounts. I’ve removed the newly added account and make other account as default(which I’ve purchased)… After that I’ve tried to purchase, it showing that I already own the item and ta da… It’s changed as Premium.

Thank You for your support :kissing_heart: and sorry for making much troubles :wink:

Sorry to say, Again it’s expired when I add the other google account. If I downgrade to 2.8.1 it does not show any issue, if I update the app to 3.0.8 then it got expired. I can not use the updated version if I’ve logged in to two google account. Help me on this @chris

And clarify another thing also, Is Moviebase app updated version(3.0.8) got reviewed and approved… Are you sure the updated version is available for Country - India in Play Store?

The current version is 3.1.3. Something unexpected happens in India.