Still having issues with TV Shows

Not sure when these two titles were added but they wasnt added by me.

One title is the Love Story (us) and the other is ‘So you wanna be…’

No idea what the last one is, however, we’ve seen the first one appear many of time.

You’ll notice that both titles have no information within them

I forgot to mention;

I checked my watchlist on the Trakt website and the two titles are not in my watchlist.

I went through my watchlist and the two titles are;

Golden Years
The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon

I’m sure you are as confused as I…

@chris [UPDATE]

I just opened Moviebase and added the following title to my watchlist;

‘Wild Yellowstone’

I go to the Trakt website and ‘Wild Yellowstone’ is not in my watchlist. However, instead of adding ‘Wild Yellowstone’ to my watchlist, it added ‘Golden Years’.

Aaaarggghhhhh! This is driving me nuts!


I just decided to load up Moviebase and guess what, Wild Yellowstone is not in my watchlist but have a guess what is?

Love Story (us)

I’m not sure where this issue is exactly but if it wasnt account specific, others would have the same issues! Right?

I will investigate more time in this issue. You don’t need to check more in this TV shows.

I refreshed some data on trakt and contribute external IDs on TMDb.

Ta few movies and TV shows should be available.

Thanks @chris, I’ll keep an eye on things. The two titles that kept appearing were not titles I added to Trakt.

I haven’t seen the problem for a few days, so fingers crossed

Thanks again.

Thanks for the reply. It is important that the TMDB content is linked to the Trakt website. Adding the IDs on TMDB and refresh the data on trakt helps :slight_smile: