Statistics Screen Special Episode Bug

I wish to demonstrate clearly the problem with episode counts on the statistics screen. This problem occurs because watched special episodes are counted in total episodes watched, but special episodes available are NOT counted in the total available episodes. This creates an inconsistency that in my case makes it looks as though I have watched more episodes than actually exist. I believe the best fix is to stop including watched specials in the total watched episode count, I would choose this approach because many people have no interest in watching the special episodes, and there is already a separate count for total specials watched that is completely adequate for that purpose.

First I include my statistics counts when I began the demonstration:

Note that is says I have watched 1602 special episodes, and I have watched 27389 of 26821 episodes.

Next I list the show Star Wars: Andor that is not in my history at all. Note that none of the 12 regular episodes nor the 1 special episode is checked as watched.

Now I will mark 5 of the regular episodes as watched.

Now, here are results on the statistics page of those changes:

Note the special episode watched count remains at 1602 as it should; the episodes watched count increases by 5, to 27394, the number of regular episodes I marked as watched; and the total number of available episodes increased by 12 to 26833, reflecting the total number of new regular episodes available but NOT including the 1 special episode.

Now I mark the 1 special episode as watched.

Here are the results of that change on the statistics page.

The special episode watched count increased by 1 to 1603, exactly as it should.

But now the total episode watched count has increased by 1, to 27395 reflecting the 1 special episode marked as watched. But still, the total number of available episodes remains at 26833, still not including the special episode that has been added to the history.

So, the reason the counts on the statistic page are inconsistent is that the count of episodes watched includes specials watched, but the count of total available episodes does not include any specials. This is just inconsistent and illogical. Again my recommendation is to stop adding special episodes watched to the total episodes watched count, and just reflect them in the special episodes watched count near the top of the statistics page.

Thank you