Statistics Page Fixes / Improvements

Hi Chris,

I know there have been a number of excellent suggestions for improvements to the statistics screens.

I would like to add a couple things to that list. Sorry if I am duplicating anything that I failed to see. (See my screens below)

  1. On the top line of the Progress display, no provision is made for larger numbers to display properly, Note that my episode count is not fully displayed. Perhaps you could reformat to avoid this or adjust font sizes as needed.

  2. The “All watched episodes” counts below that have a problem. In my case, the numbers shown indicate that I have watched more episodes than exist. Clearly that is impossible. This could be because Special episodes watched are counted in the first number, but Specials available are not included in the second number. If that is the case, the numbers should be consistent. My preference would be not to count Specials in either number or to provide an option as to whether they are included or, best of all, to show Specials counts separately.
    If that is not the root of the problem, perhaps it has to do with the inconsistencies in what episodes are available in TMDb and what are available in Trakt. Regardless of the cause, the counts don’t mean much now.

  3. The graphs at the bottom are a nice touch, but at least on my phone, they could use some more contrast among the displayed colors. I can make them out, but my old eyes have to look closely to see the varying shades of orange.

Thanks for considering these items when you next work on statistics.