Sort function on personnal lists

The sort features accessible in-app are pretty useful when it comes to have a top of the shows I watched (my ratings sort) or simply to have a history (added to collection… watched on…).
In my usage of Moviebase, I use personal lists to see a certain type of show at one time, and I would be great to have these sort options accessible there.

For the “my rating”, I suppose the inclusion is pretty basic ;

For the “history sort in lists”, I thought it would be good to allow a sorting be “collected date” in personal lists. That is because I use a trakt account and unfortunately, it seems that the “added to list date” disappear when I synchronize my account. Plus, it is kind of repetitive to precise the date added to collection and precise it again in the personal list.
Ideally, if it is possible to have this “added to collection date sorting” in lists, it would be cool to have the date shown next to the show title being the collected date (replacing the date added to list for this sort), but it may be harder to set up.

Here is my suggestion, hope it is pertinent. Thanks for your work on this app and have a nice day.