Sort Collection

For the last few days trying to sort movies collection has been broken, returning a “No Data Available” message. Can only view in recently added order.

My guess is this is most likely a TMDB issue, perhaps related to the other issue posted from also a few days ago. Are you aware of this, and can you confirm? Any idea of a possible timeline for a fix?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for reporting. Do you use the beta version?

TMDb has some server issues, which effects the sort.

Thanks for quick reply. No, not using beta version but happy to consider it.

Just in case I wasn’t clear, the sequence of steps to reproduce is “Collection”, then sort, select anything other than “recently added”. Nothing.

Great app, cheers!

Thank you Filmpac!

We apologize for this server issue. Unfortunately, the TMDb server isn’t working correctly, again.

You will find the newest state on Twitter and here in the Thread [Announcement] Continuing TMDb server issues.