Sort by last watched Episodes broken

If you sort watched series by last watched the sorting algorithm seems to be off. I think it’s sorted by the second to last watched episode. Could also be wrong operation order e.g. sort and then add last watched episode to list instead of add last watched episode and then sort.


Thanks. I will have a look.

Any update on this? It has been a problem since day 1. I sort by newest release and I have shows that stopped airing 15 years ago mixed in with current shows. I have submitted a few bug logs and support questions and still have this issue. Very few of the sort options under tv show tab work correctly. They are all mixed and incorrect.
This is the only thing stopping me from paying for the premium features. Sorting shows accurately by release is half of the reason I use the apps so I can see what was released most recently. Otherwise this app is fantastic.



I confirm that this feature seems to be a bit buggy, I always had problems sorting by last watched

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I will check the issue.

At the moment, I am working on a bigger database migration.

It’s using the correct latest date now.
Fixed in upcoming beta 3.9.3


Thank you very much, Chris!
I will check the fix out when I get it.


This unfortunately still doesn’t work. It’s been years with this issue. Decade old shows are mixed in with current airing shows when sorting by release date or “tv show date”. I’m not sure how this can still be an ongoing issue. It’s been so long lol. It’s frustrating that sort by air date just doesn’t work at all and hasn’t since the launch of this app. It is literally the only thing that I notice that doesn’t work. Also it’s backwards. Z to A is newest to oldest and a to z is oldest to newest. It is completely broken in every way. I have posted about this about 5 times over the last couple years and it just seems to never get fixed. Please please fix this. I will pay for a lifetime subscription again just to have this fixed.

If you look at the picture, Treadstone was cancelled in 2019, star trek lower decks doesn’t air for another 2 months, Dave is currently airing. It’s a mess. I have it sorted by " Tv show date Z-A" it’s completely wrong in every way. Please fix this. There are like 8 threads about this exact issue on this forum. I love the app in every other way but this is so frustrating. Sorry for the rant and Thanks for any help!

The TV Show release date isn’t the upcoming airing date. You can use the sort selection ‘upcoming episodes’ to sort the next episodes.

You will see a header above the title.

All sort is broken. I have tried everything this is just one. I have set it to upcoming episodes and shows that have not aired in 30 years are among current airing ones. I spent hours last night trying every single sorr option and none of them work properly. That’s are always rougue shows that are in places they shouldn’t be.

Can you please help with this.