Some suggestions

First off all congrats for the app. its very unusual I subscribe to a paid version of an app in a short time after install it. but I think this app deserve it. also like the thing that give the chance to users to take part of process of development suggesting features and see the process trought trello board.

After take a deep look to all app. I thought in some suggestions some of theme are simple, but I think could make more sense to the app.

  1. the discover and search function in home have almost the same feature (A). my suggestion is to combine theme and remove the lens icon from top, and replace the discover icon with the lens icon. wich I think is more universal and more accesible in the bottom bar. also when you tap the discover icon when you are in discover section, focus the search input and show the keyboard. same as Spotify app does (B).

  2. In home section. unify trending cards © as same as whatchlist does (D), with tabs to change between movies and tv shows. and have the same strategy for all type of lists, for example upcoming movies and next episodes are very similar and could be unified

  3. Also I miss a section in home for progress, where I could see TV shows I’m whatching and can mark as whatched as I do in progress section (E)

If there is something I didnt explain very well or anything else dont doubt to contact me :slight_smile:


Hi Jorge, thank you very much for your feedback. It helps me to improve the app :slight_smile:

  1. Most users use the top menu for the search instead of the discover page. The discover page will be extended in the future, so it isn’t only a search. But the double click on the bottom icon is a nice idea.

  2. Good idea, I will change it when I touch the home sections the next time (it’s a bit complex to change).

  3. I think the next episodes section is not enough. I added it to the Trello board.

Let me know if you have more ideas :slight_smile: Thanks, Chris