Some spoilers not blurred

Very often, spoilers are not blurred, although they are correctly formatted with the “spoiler” tags. Can be quite frustrating at times.
Here’s an example from the show “Russian Doll”. The first review is blurred because it contains spoilers. The second review is not blurred even where it is marked as “spoiler”.

This seems to be a problem with moviebase, not with trakt. Here is the same review on

Here’s a screenshot of the same review on

We don’t support in text spoilers. The development is too difficult.

Ok, what about blurring the entire review if it contains an in-text spoiler? Because as it stands now, the blurring of some spoilers is kind of useless if some spoilers are still shown.

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Yes, this would be easy to implement :slight_smile:

I created a task ticket

Solution will be available in the next release.