Some improvements in last version

First of all, congratulations for the great job with the last version, I really like it. :clap::clap:

Just some bugs/improvements I would like to notice.

  • it would be great if you add again the count of the episodes in shows view (Current view episodes / total show episodes) . Now it only shows in seasons view.

  • Is possible to add again left and right Swipe gestures to move through episodes within a season and through season within a show??

Those were just some improvements I would like to see, the next one I think it is a bug / malfunction;

If I click the big green mark, I would like to see a pop up with a couple of options asking me what I want to do:

  1. Can you remove all watched episodes of this season?
  2. Can you mark as viewed the remaining episodes of this season?

But the current behavior it is remove all watched episodes without asking. The same happens in seasons view and I’ve removed all watched episodes in a entire show unintentionally

The same behavior happens in last screenshot of season view with green mark and orange mark of season.

Besides I think the colors of elements not completely finished should be different. If I’ve not seen all season (season 4) the color should be different from season 3. And big green mark only should appear if a have seen the entire show/season.

Despite of this, great update and great job @chris I really like the app. :ok_hand::ok_hand:


A little thing I noticed when I accidentally unwatched a season and clicked undo in the snackbar was that the API call was already made to remove the season and a new call made to mark it as watched. This resulted in me losing my original viewing history.

It would make more sense to update the view but wait for onDismiss event for the snackbar before firing the API call. If undo is clicked you can just restore the view and no call is made.

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@peskarolo I’m glad you like the new design :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it is difficult to display all the information.

  • Total episodes are displayed in the item navigation (first icon in the bottom menu bar) in shows view. It’s hard to display them in the view itself. Maybe in the season tab?
  • An episode layout swiping means a very slow loading because it has to prefetch all data and create layouts. A button with the next/previous episode would be possible.
  • The floating button describes if the item is watched or not like it was before (easiest implementation for now). Improvement will come in the future.

@dec The snackbar message is displayed after the data has been sent to Trakt and evaluated with a successful or failed. There is no revert function in the Trakt API itself. Thus a new request will be sent to Trakt.

I am planning a new sync of trakt data for much better handling of data. All changes are first stored and collected in the internal database and then synchronized with Trakt afterward.

I work on an app with a similar feature.

The view gets updated and snackbar is displayed.
If the user clicks undo, the view is restored and nothing else happens.
If the user doesn’t interact or dismisses the snackbar, then we make the API call.
If API call is successful we update DB.
If API call fails, we restore the view and show a toast about the failure.

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Sorry for the late reply!

  • I hadn’t seen total episodes in the menu. I’d prefer in shows views but is not a big deal at all. If you could manage to show them in seasons tabs it would be great.

  • I understand the problem of swipe between episodes… I’m not sure if left and right buttons would fit in the display… Maybe it is okay with the button and the list of episodes.

  • The problem / misunderstanding with floating button it is the worst of all for me. I would like if you could manage it in next releases please. In my opinion the best way to handle it, is like Trakt website. Trakt always ask you to confirm the action. That problem in conjunction with undo pop-up behavior have made mess my history in a couple of shows.

Thanks again for the support! And great job

  • The watched episodes and aired episodes could be displayed in the seasons tab.
  • The episode swipe is very hard to solve at the moment. I want to add more information in the future, which would make it hard with another navigation.
  • I could display a dialog with two actions, “watched again” and “remove”? For this feature I have to implement the multi watch first.

I created a few tickets on my new task board:

About the floating button:

Even without multi watch feature available there is a great opportunity of improvement. I’ll try to explain myself.

In any interaction with “Mark seen button” (floating, poster view, season tab…) should be two different cases:

  1. There are remaining episodes in that kind of view (show, season, episode)

After click in “watch remaining” should appear current pop up with current behaviour

  1. All episodes have seen view in that kind of view

I hope you consider implement this feature, think it will improve general behavior of the app :muscle:t2:

i had similar issues with floating button. i am new user. i tapped it and all the episodes got removed. it didn’t tell what is going to happen. and the series that took me months to complete in 2018 is marked watched in a single day that too in 2020. some information should be there in the app itself. and the ideas presented by @peskarolo are complete in themselves. please consider our great developer @chris


Great job @chris! It is exactly what I wanted! :ok_hand:

Missing swipe left and swipe right.