Some improvements ideas

Some ideas if they are not already planned:

  • be able to reply comments
  • make the app more social, being able to see what friends watched, see what they are watching, the series and movies they voted on, etc.
  • be able to blur spoilers and on click bes revealed
  • improve statistics, such as: top 10 of the most watched series, top 10 of the most watched series in the last 30 days, comparison of your time spent with that of friends
  • change the voting stars from 5 to 10 like trakt site

Thank you very much for your ideas! I will add them to my ToDo list.

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The app already offers voting stars, up to 10, mine does anyway. Perhaps I’m not understanding the OP?


Yes exactly, it has half star for each point.

Yup, I thought so.

Oh! I’ve not had any other issues for a couple of weeks now, looks like the issues are resolved. It was a strange one, both idea why it was a problem but the good thing is that all is back to normal, thanks. :+1:

Adding social networking features to the app would make it the best, no doubt!
The trakt already has a list of friends and personal pages, I think that’s a starting point.

An app that does something similar is Must, I think it might serve as an inspiration, since it works so well.

Yes those social and statistics features will completely make this app unique…it will be a combination of all movie review apps in app store.

Yeah, this was my plan until I decided to develop server sync & google auto-backup first :wink:

If possible make this your next big project then…
I once suggested staff like users voting for best movies i.e creating autopolls so that users can be able to vote for certain movies and at the end of the year the list is compiled. Such things makes users engaged and increases chances of people coming…just to be able to see what has a friend commented or watched or amount of also by gives a reason for inviting friends as it is more of a competitive way…

Think about it.otherwise this app has made me ditch “Hobi” already …but am still in a competition in “MUST” (no offence).

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