Some ideas to think about

First of all, as I said in other topic, to see the database used because the airdate of some series are wrong and the main title are only in the original language.

Other topic to think about is to put other options of Filter in Progress Tab… Like: Completed (ended or not series, but watched all aired eps), Finished (the series has finished, not airing new eps), Not watched (show series with eps not watched), Not started (series saved to watch)…

Is there a way to set a serie to watchlater (to not receive notifications for new eps) and as gave up (as you watched some eps but gave up of the series) and these two types should be hidden in progress and could be listed in the filter option.

To combine better with trakt (or not) the option to do checkin and share it…

In progress tab the possibility put a grid with four columns instead of three.

In stats show the top 10 longest time expended series and show number of eps/time left to complete all late series… And please, change the pie chart colors to colors that are easily differentiated.

Its all just ideas… :slight_smile:


Ok, found checkin/share options :sweat_smile:

Hi TMeieles,

Thanks for the improvement suggestions.

  • As you have seen, the checking/share is already available.
  • The filter in the progress tab is coming, but takes a bit of time.
  • You could add the serie to watchlist if you want watch it later and add it to hidden items if necessary. Have another list would be too complex.
  • Four columns is too much for the most users. The images are too small.
  • Stats are a good point and should be improved!
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