Shows that don't appear on the Progress or Upcoming lists

I admit I am reluctant to post any issue when Chris is having to fight this ridiculous battle over his app being removed from Google Play, I hope he gets it resolved soon. Such carelessness on the part of those who wield such power is very frustrating. I did make the effort to complain to the offending company, for what little that’s worth.

Carrying on, the show “American Pickers” never shows up in my Upcoming or Progress lists. I have watched most of it, but I have to resort to my personal lists to manage it and mark episodes watched. The one thing I see that is unusual about the show is that TMDb (and therefore Moviebase) lists the seasons like any other show Season 1, 2, 3 … However, Trakt uses the convention that The TVDb uses, showing the seasons as Season 2010, 2011, 2012 …
Who knows why they chose this deviation, but they did. This also means that marking an episode watched in Moviebase never gets translated to Trakt.That’s understandable, given the mismatch. I have marked the episodes in Trakt manually, but that didn’t help with this problem. I don’t know if that has something to do with my issue or not. It’s a bit hard for me to see why it would . Moviebase can rely on its own database to track what should be listed in the Progress and Upcoming displays.

So, I’m seeking a solution to this problem for “American Pickers” and perhaps for other shows that have a similar problem. I guess I should also say that I do sign into Moviebase using my Trakt ID and password.