Shows disappear after synchronizing

Hi! I’ve made contact via email, and also via the apps’ page in the Play Store, where Support answered me to create a topic here, since it’s still happening.
The thing is, there are some TV shows that keep disappearing after I add them to any list and synchronize. Here’s a list of them:


“Unlocked: the world of games, revealed”


“Killer ratings”

“Nailed it: Mexico”

“Hip-hop revolution”

“Inside the criminal mind”

“Terrorism close calls”

“The world’s most extraordinary homes”

“Beyond Stranger Things”

“Urbex: enter at your own risk”

“Hermes e Renato”

All of those are on Trakt, and when I entered their website and added them, they stayed normally, but that’s is just not happening in the app :frowning:
(I actually found “Beyond Stranger Things” as a season called “Specials” on the “Stranger Things” profile on Trakt (here it is I couldn’t find that season on the Moviebase app, though)

Do all of those have something in common that makes them not be able to stay, after I synchronize? And is that fixable?
I’m sending all these messages because there might be way more series with that problem, so fixing it would be good for everyone!


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What languaje do you use?

Some times it happens in Spanish titles, it’s some kind of misunderstood bewteen Moviebase and trakttv…

I post the titles here and Christian fix the trouble.

If you want to keep the track on this TV Shows I did this I created a “local acount” on the app and use this while the syncro works good.

I actually use the app in English, and the titles are in English too :thinking:

The biggest problem is that the app uses TMDb and trakt uses TVDB for TV shows. I am working on a cloud sync with login for the app. Additionally, automatically sync to trakt.

What helps is checking and adding the IDs between Trakt/TMDb. I added a few IDs, so that in the next time the TV shows should appear.

Afflicted has no TMDb ID on trakt. We could ask Trakt to refresh the data.

Beyond Stranger Things
Is normally separated TV show. Unfortunately, trakt has added it to specials.

Nailed it: Mexico
I added the TVDB ID

Inside the criminal mind
Trakt hasn’t TMDb ID

Terrorism close calls
Trakt hasn’t TMDb ID

The world’s most extraordinary homes
Trakt hasn’t TMDb ID

Urbex: enter at your own risk
I added the TVDB ID

Hermes e Renato
I added the TVDB ID

Thanks for checking it out!