Show Keeps Being Removed from History

In Moviebase beta 4.6.3, I just started watching “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”. I watched one episode and marked that episode watched. As expected, the watched episode was placed in History, the Show was added to the History, and the show appeared in the Progress list with one unwatched episode.

However, every time synchronization runs, the show is removed from the History and thus disappears from the Progress List.

The watched episode does stay in the History. I have readded the show to the History multiple times, and it keeps being removed.

Hey. I had the same problem. I use my trakt account to sync the progress, and while the progress is shown in the shows tab, it doesn’t sync with trakt and because of that, it will be gone the next time you try to mark another episode as watched and also when you try to manually sync it, it doesn’t work (like in the screenshot).

The only way I’ve been able to synchronise my data, is to force stop the app in the phone settings >>> apps >>> moviebase >>> force stop. Then when you open the app again, it syncs everything at the very beginning.
If your problem is same as mine, this can be helpful.

Thanks Archer for that feedback. Unfortunately I have already tried every combination of forcing the app to stop and letting it resync. The show is always removed from the history and never really syncs. This is the second show I have had act similarly to this. I documented the first one long ago, and there has never been a resolution.

I have also requested a change in how synchronization works, so the Moviebase database relies on the TMDB database as its primary source and always reflects what it says and syncs accordingly. It is really impossible to sync perfectly with Trakt and use TMDB as the primary data source because Trakt has many discrepancies with TMDB. It is fine to sync with Trakt as much as possible with the synchronization using the Moviebase database (based on TMDB) as primary and Trakt as secondary, but operating in the opposite way or trying to sync them as equals can never work. Trakt seems to reflect The TVDB instead of TMDB, and there are many differences between the two.

Thanks again for trying to help.


I manually added the show to Trakt, marking the episodes I have watched and adding the show to the Trakt history and adding it to a personal list in Trakt, all corresponding to what I had done in Moviebase. Now the show seems to be syncing and staying in the Moviebase history properly. So the problem with this one seems to be the initial sync of the show with Trakt by Moviebase.

Thanks for the detailed research. I will focus on this bug as next.

Thank you, Chris.

When you do, would you please also look at the other case I have documented. I have never been able to get “Not for Ourselves Alone” to sync or stick in the history. In addition, it keeps being removed from the lists I add it to. I have tried everything I can think of many times. It would be interesting to know if it acts the same for you.

Thanks again for giving this issue your attention.

Is it possible to add the first 4 episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters?
It works on my device at the moment.

Hi Chris,

Yes, as I said earlier, once I added the show to Trakt myself manually, then it started working properly in Moviebase. My theory is that if anything goes wrong in the initial adding of a show in Moviebase and/or its syncing to Trakt, then it can be left in an inconsistent state and not work properly until that issue is resolved. In my particular case, for this show, when I went to Trakt directly and added it manually there, then everything started working properly for it in Moviebase. That might not always work for shows left in such a state. Maybe there is an issue with error handling in initial setup for a show In Moviebase that can lead to such issues. Just my theory. I know how difficult comprehensive error handling is. I’ve spent a lot of my life doing such work.

I would really like for you to look at the show “Not for Ourselves Alone…” I have tried dozens of times to add that show and it never sticks. The show is always removed from the history after a while. I have tried everything I can think of, and nothing works. Maybe, if that show also fails for you, then the fix will solve some other such issues that pop up occasionally - like the one I had with “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”. Thanks for looking at this area. It’s very frustrating when a show won’t behave properly in the app.

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I can understand that and sorry for the issue. When I mark one of the episodes they are immediately on trakt as well. I will test your other example too.

The current code of the trakt sync is from 2017, which needs some refactoring. A new prototype is already in the pipeline but needs a bit more time for releasing.