Show Backdrops Not Being Displayed

I’m on Version 3.0,3.

Typically when I select a show from a personal list, the poster and a backdrop will be displayed at the top of the screen. Now I am finding that a number of shows are not displaying any backdrop image even though TMDb has one or more backdrop images available. I have cleared my cache, rebooted my phone, etc. It’'s still a problem. For example, I am seeing this for shows:
Agatha Raisin
Another Life
Black Spot
Blood & Treasure

and many more.
I know that many of these shows have displayed the backdrop properly in the past. My phone is running Android 10 and has plenty of free storage and RAM.



I wanted to provide an update. As of now, it appears that the shows in question are, once again, displaying the backdrops. I haven’t checked every one, but I have checked many. It would be nice to have an explanation as to why this happened.


Hi SteveJ,

Do you get the issue only with this movies / TV shows? Are you logged in with Trakt?

Hi Chris,

Yes, I am logged in to Trakt through Moviebase. I’m not sure I understand your other question. I haven’t noticed the problem with movies, but I am almost always looking at TV Shows and only occasionally at movies.

When I reported the problem, there were many, many TV shows not displaying their backdrops. I listed just a few of them, but there were dozens more. This had not been the case earlier, and as I reported, the problem went away after a few days. Almost all the shows properly displayed their backdrops. I thought there might have been a database issue during those few days.

There is at least one TV Show that still doesn’t display its backdrop properly. The 1984 show “The Tripods” has a backdrop that displays in TMDb. Usually when I look at the details of the show in Moviebase, the backdrop doesn’t display at all. Sometimes it will flash very briefly on the screen and then disappear. It has always done this for that show. I will report any others that I find.