Search own collection

Hello there :slightly_smiling_face:

Just installed Moviebase and connected it with my Trakt Account.

I want to use Moviebase to see my collection everytime (even offline) on my mobile.
An integration or synchronization with KODI would be AWESOME :slight_smile: But I think this is not possible.

So I use as a step in the middle.
Sync KODI with and than sync with Moviebase.

Anyway: if I want to search for a specific Movie in Moviebase, it searches the whole internet!!!
I can not find a certain movie of my own collection :frowning:

I there a way to look in my collection if I already own a movie?

Thank u very much :slight_smile:

Hi Kamikaze,

Thanks for you suggestions. Unfortunately, KODI takes too much time at the moment.

Search in your own collection is not available, but it is on my ToDo list.

Best regards,